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Mother’s Day is usually irrelevant until you become a mother. Yes, you still get your mother some flowers and a card, take her to brunch and apologize for putting her through so much crap when you were a kid BUT, until your husband takes your baby shopping for your very first Mother’s Day gift or your school aged kids bring home their homemade cards does your appreciation really and genuinely soak in.

For me Mother’s Day is also a ‘thank you’ to my children, for all the joy and happiness they bring to my life. My children have given me a reason to succeed, a reason to strive for more and a reason to be the best person I can be every single day. So, to my three precious children, thank you for…

Thank you for keeping me on my toes. Without my son being the little nerd that he is, I would not have or even know how to use an Xbox, iPod, iPad, my iPhone and every other thing I own that is electronic. He keeps me up to date electronically. My daughter has enough sass for the whole family. Her quirky comments and sassy attitude keep me on my toes and needing to be ready with a rebuttal at any moment. And my little baby girl, she is perfect and she is thriving daily. Having to constantly feed her need for stimulation keeps me alert and in tune with the fact that she is a little sponge.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. All my children want is the love of their mother. All I want is for my children to love me. It is a constant cycle of reassurance that we love each other, we are forever there for each other and no matter what I will always be their Mom, Momma and whatever form of ‘mom’ my baby decides to call me.

Thank you for being amazing. I am so proud to be able to overload my social media followers with a constant stream of status posts and pictures regarding their All A Honor Roll, soccer success and other endeavors that they excel at. I am so proud of what they accomplish and what they will accomplish in the future. It is a gift every single day to see my brilliant children becoming successful individuals.

Thank you for being a good big brother; a good little/big sister and a loving little baby sister. As an only child I will never know the relationship you can have with a sibling. I am so glad that my children have each other- I love that as an older brother you will put your dignity aside and play dolls with your little sister and sit by your baby sister on school mornings and have ‘baby talk’ with her. As a little/big sister I love seeing how much you adore your bubby and enjoy being a big sissy. I know that the bond you are forming will be tightly woven forever. I am so glad that long after your great-grandparents, grandparents and parents are gone you three will always have each other.

Thank you for being you! Each of my children has special traits that I love. They each have a different bond with me. They are each brilliant little people. They are happy and fun loving. They are insanely goofy and I love that they can be care free and enjoy their youth without a worry in the world. My gift to them is providing every opportunity available for them to excel in life and my reward from them is being able to enjoy each and every day with their special and unique personalities.

So, on Mother’s Day I hope that every mother is able to look at their children and be thankful that they got SO incredibly lucky. I know I did!!