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I hope everyone had a great Easter with their family and friends. I know I did.

My mother’s birthday was Friday which was Good Friday and Earth Day! We were going to get her a Coach purse, but instead decided to get her a necklace from James Avery. She has wanted a sterling silver and gold cross, so that’s what we got her, and she loves it! My sister wanted me to go get her a cookie cake from Great American Cookie in the mall, so on Friday morning I went to order it. I knew what it needed to say I just didn’t know what they should put in the middle. The lady asked me what she liked and the first thing that popped in my head was the San Antonio Spurs. My mom absolutely loves the Spurs; if they are losing badly or even if she misses the game, which usually never happens, my dad records it for her and she will watch it all the way through! So they did just that, they put Spurs in the middle of her cake and it looked fabulous!

So it’s been a very busy weekend and to top it off we have our Conference Golf Tournament this week! We are so happy that it is at our home course, Victoria Country Club. We are really confident because we play the course three days out of the week and we know what to expect. Not only is this a busy week for golf, but it is crunch time at school, too. I have a lot to do: research paper, final paper, math homework, history quizzes and extra credit. I’m not going to sweat it though because I know I’ll get it done. I hope everyone has a great week!

Countdown until Summer ’11: three weeks! :]