Blogs » My UHV Experience 2 » Student makes switch to accounting with help of UHV adviser, career survey


Another week down for the spring semester, and everything is going great! I’m only taking 12 hours this semester − four classes. My classes are Government, Finite Math, English 1302 and History 1301.

I was thinking about which class is my favorite, but I can’t choose because I like something about each one of them. In Government, I enjoy learning about voting and how and what our government’s foundation was based on. I like history in general because it comes easy to me. Finite Math is a bit of a challenge because I didn’t take a math class my first semester, but math also comes easy once I get the hang of it. I never had an interest in English because I didn’t think my writing was creative enough, but college English changed my mind, and that’s how I became a UHV freshman blogger. :)

I didn’t take a math course last year because I was thinking of becoming a teacher until I talked with my mother, and she reminded me how good I was at math. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed my accounting class in high school. I also took a survey to see what major would be good for me, and it concluded I should look into becoming an accountant. So at the end of last semester, I changed my major to business. It was so easy talking to my adviser and switching from education to business, and I was lucky because I had just started taking my basics, and they were what I needed to become an accountant.

If you ever want to change your major, it is very easy. All you need to do is make an appointment with an adviser and discuss what you want to do for your future. It also doesn’t hurt to take one of those surveys because maybe it will show you something you didn’t know about yourself and what you’re interested in the most. Hope everyone has another fabulous week at UHV!


Countdown continues: Five weeks until SPRING BREAK 2011!!