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So the only class I’m having a problem in is Finite Math. The first couple of weeks were simple, but as the semester continues it keeps getting harder and harder. Before this, math was not really a struggle for me, but I’m thinking I may need to concentrate a little more and take some better notes.

I’m not afraid to ask for help, I just like figuring certain things out on my own so I know that I can do it. Right now we are working on systems of linear equations which involve using matrices. I can begin the matrices but I can’t finish them.

The worst part is our first test is coming up and I still am having a bit of trouble. To help me I am going to print out our homework, which is kind of a review for our test, and work the problems I know how to do. And if I have any questions I’m going to ask my professor.

I am also going to ask him how to finish the matrices because that seems to be my biggest problem. Once I figure it out I am sure it will all click for me; wish me luck!

Have a great week of classes and good luck to anyone who has a test coming up.

To those having a bit of a struggle in classes, don’t stress, just take things a step at a time. If you’re still having trouble, ask your professor or someone you know who will be helpful to you.


Countdown continues: 4 weeks until SPRING BREAK 2011:]