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Hey fellow Jaguars! I hope you all had a good break. I know I enjoyed mine, but now I’m ready to start back up. I hope this spring semester goes by just as quick as the fall.

To those freshmen starting their first semester of college this year, good luck and don’t be nervous; UHV is a wonderful college to be attending. Fall 2010 was my first semester of college, and all my professors were very understanding and helpful. When I would be gone with the golf team, my professors would let me e-mail them my homework or turn it into their box before I left. There are a lot of ways to turn in your work on time if you’re not going to be in class for a particular reason.

Over the fall semester, I also made a lot of friends. It’s a good idea to have friends in each class in case you’re not there because of athletics, sickness, or possibly over sleeping. Friends also help in case you didn’t understand something or want to study together. When I was stuck or had a question, my professors were also quick to answer either after class or by e-mail.

I hope everyone has a great week back!