Blogs » My UHV Experience 2 » Where is English 1302?


So I hope everyone had a great first week back; I know I did! Not only did I start classes back up, but we also started golf practice. Golf and my classes don’t interfere with each other, and my grades aren’t effected in any way, but it does take time management. Time management is something that everyone starting college needs to work on because each class is going to require different things. I’ve learned to keep up and stop procrastinating. For those of you thinking of participating in any sport, I, for one, think it’s a great idea.

I did get in a bit of a mix-up my first day back. Tuesdays and Thursdays are what I call my long days because I have three classes. Well, English 1302 is my last class for those days, and for some reason, I could not remember the room number. I kept trying to pull up my schedule on my phone, but, of course, it wasn’t cooperating. I went to the classroom I thought it was in and checked the schedule − wrong room. I text one of my friends because we thought we had the same professor, and when we met up realized we didn’t. So once again, wrong room. I finally just asked one of the other English 1302 professors, and he told me of two possible rooms. Being it was the first day back, I chose the wrong room. By now it was like 11:27 a.m., and my class begins at 11:30 a.m. My phone finally pulled up my schedule, and I got the right room number and luckily showed up on time. I did later find out I wasn’t the only student to be confused and in the wrong room.

I hope no one had an experience like mine and found all their classes the first time. If you were in a predicament such as mine, at least we know where we are going now. :)

Have a great second week, everyone! It’s never too early to start counting down: seven weeks until SPRING BREAK 2011! :)