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So it was another good week of classes for me. I haven’t had any more mix-ups − yet. I’ve already made some good grades, and I hope for it to stay that way!

The only problem I’ve been having is with my golf swing, but I’m hoping with all the practice last week and relaxing this weekend, it will all come back together this coming week; wish me luck! :) My teammates and coach have been really supportive and helpful. They know it will come together before our first tournament in two weeks. I’m hoping the weather doesn’t get too bad because I hear there is a cold front coming in the middle of the week. This past week, the weather was perfect for practice. I even had a little sunburn, and my unfortunate golf tan is coming back: feet white and arms dark until where my sleeve hits.

Good job to the baseball team this weekend! I did not make it to Riverside Park, but I saw status updates on Facebook. Good luck to both the baseball and softball teams in the future − make UHV proud!

I wish everyone another FABULOUS week!

SHOUT OUT: To My Sister: Happy Early Birthday!! <3 you!!

COUNTDOWN: Six weeks until SPRING BREAK 2011!