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So I haven’t really talked about school in a few weeks, and I hope everyone is doing great. I have two exams coming up this week, a paper due and another exam due the week after Spring Break. I wish everyone good luck on their exams and a safe Spring Break.

I’m not doing anything major for break, just going home and spending time with my family, my boyfriend and friends. We might go to the movies, fishing and go play putt-putt. We have a golf tournament the first two days of Spring Break, so there will be golfing during the break too, of course. I hope the weather is pretty and warm, and not windy and cold, because it was a bit chilly this weekend. I’m also looking forward to sleeping in a few days next week because I feel I’m always up way too early!

Also, at the beginning of the year, my beta fish, Benjamin aka “Bennie,” died, and I’ve wanted a new one since. My parents told me if I improved my golf game, I could get one. Well, at our past tournament, I improved, and they told me I could go get one. I ended up spending $42 on a $4 fish. :] It was definitely worth it! I named him Benjamin the Second, or as my brother-in-law calls him, B2. I’m hoping he lives for a long time, cross your fingers. For anyone who wants a pet but doesn’t want something to much of a hassle, get a fish.

DON’T FORGET: Time change is Sunday, March 13. Next Week: SPRING BREAK 2011 New Countdown: 10 weeks until SUMMER 2011 :]