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Well, I’m sad that Spring Break has come to an end. This past week went by too fast. I guess it’s time to get back to the books.

I just took a break from writing my government midterm to write this and hopefully get my momentum back to finish the paper. I have to write about the pros and cons of the health care bill and about how other countries’ health care compares to the United States. Not too bad, I just don’t know exactly where to start. I should have started on it earlier this week, but I’ve been procrastinating since it was Spring Break and all! :] I actually did quite a bit of procrastinating, oops :/, but I’m really good at eventually getting it done on time.

I have to admit, I did really well on my finite math exam and my analysis paper for English that was a test grade − 98 on both of them! I hope to make just as good a grade on my government paper and on my history exam this week.

For those of you who don’t know, spring actually started yesterday on March 20. Our next break to look forward to is summer, which seems so far away, but it will come just as fast as Spring Break. Of course, it will last a lot longer!

Have a great week! :]

Countdown until summer 2011: Eight weeks! :]