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So I hope everyone had a good week back. The hardest part for me was getting up early. I can’t believe March is almost over, and April will be here Friday. I’m excited for this week because Wednesday my class is canceled, and on Thursday, another one of my classes is canceled. It definitely gives me more time to do other homework, practice longer and sleep. Tuesday and Thursday I have three classes, so I’m glad just to have two this Thursday.

The days seem to be going by a lot faster and are much hotter; I have a farmer’s tan going on. Does my family give me a hard time for my funny-looking tan? Yes, most of the time! Not only do I have a farmer’s tan, but my legs are way darker than my feet. At least my toes look cute.

My sisters and I got pedicures this past week at the Woodhouse Day Spa. For those of you who like getting pedicures, you should try getting one there. Back to what I was talking about, it’s getting much warmer outside, and for those of you in the sun, please put on sunscreen. I’ve been hearing about how bad the sun can be for our skin. We should all be applying some sunscreen.

I wish everyone a great week!

Countdown until summer continues: Seven weeks!