Blogs » My UHV Experience 2 » Finals week means summer is around the corner


Well, it’s my last blog, and that means it is FINALS WEEK, which isn’t the best week out of the semester, but it does mean summer is just a few more days away.

I enjoyed writing these blogs, and I hope you, whoever you might be, enjoyed them too! To all the mothers: I know it was yesterday, but Happy Mother’s Day! To everyone: Good luck with finals!

I just finished a research paper, and I have to admit that paper was three times more difficult than the final I have coming up on Thursday. My two hardest finals will be history and finite math, but I’ll be studying a whole bunch today! I’m very thankful that we get to bring in one sheet (front and back) of notes for our math final. Without that piece of paper, I would be a little lost. I made a B+ on my government final, so I hope I make the same or better on my other three finals.

I hope everyone has a safe and FABULOUS summer! I will see you next year as a sophomore.

Congrats, my fellow freshmen. We made it through our first year of college. YAYYYY! :]