Blogs » My UHV Experience 1 » Carnival time at UHV


The carnival was in town this past weekend. It was good to have an event to attend; otherwise, it would have just been another regular weekend.

It was something to get the people from Jaguar Hall to get out and do. Plus, lunch was also being served there, so we really didn’t have a choice but to go. It had good carnival food such as turkey legs, cotton candy, hot dogs and so on. There also were some decent activities.

Surprisingly, there was also a band that I’d never heard of before, but the members seemed to get the attention of some people, so I hoped they liked that.

The only thing I wished for was for it not to be so hot. The weather wasn’t playing nice at all, but the shade under the trees helped a bit.

The R.A.s also got "pied” so that was good to watch. It was an OK time, and great effort was put into it by the R.A.s and the rest of the Jaguar Hall staff.

Hopefully, there’s something better this coming weekend, if I am here. It’s been a while since I have been home, so if I get the chance, I’m going this weekend.