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With the school year almost over, I wonder what students are planning for the summer. If I were to take a guess, a lot of them are planning a vacation of some sort. Some, actually most, will need to take summer school. It will be those students who need extra hours because of their semesters not going well or those who want to get ahead a little.

A vacation does sound pretty amazing about now. Just sitting on a beach relaxing and watching the sun go down, not even worrying about school or anything else, that sounds pretty right about now. It’s been a tough year, and a vacation would be great.

Well for me, not yet. All that’s in my head is soccer, soccer, soccer. There’s a ton of work I have to put in to get to the level I need to be at, so there’s no time for a vacation right now. But when that time comes, it will be well deserved. Hopefully, this summer turns into what I’m praying for, and I hope everyone else’s does, as well. But for now, there’s school we have to finish, so before any vacations for my fellow students and staff, it is back to finishing up school. Have a great week.