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Easter is a great holiday, especially with family, friends and loved ones. I’m not a big Easter person, but I know some friends who are. You know, the ones that go egg hunting and make Easter egg baskets and things of that nature. For some families it’s a tradition, and they all get together to celebrate it. The families who are believers go to church, and others sleep in. Some families might just go out for a day at the park, maybe a picnic, or even pull out the grill. It’s just a nice time to spend with family, especially those students who are very family oriented.

Knowing that school is almost over, I know most students went home for the break for the last time before finals begin. Yes, I said it – FINALS! It’s the part of the year students dread the most. Students are going to spend more time in the coming weeks hitting the books really hard so the high achievers can earn a good grade, and others can just get by with any grade to get the credit. Regardless, it’s going to be a stressful week for everyone, and I know no one’s looking forward to it. But at least when it’s over, we can all take a deep breath.

I’m personally looking forward to it. When it’s over, summer will officially begin for some. Most people are going to be in summer school trying to get ahead, or catch up on the classes they didn’t do well in. Hmmm. Happy Easter to all and have a great week.