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Ultimate Fighting Championship 126 and Super Bowl XLV, two big events during the first February weekend, turned out to be very exciting and interesting.

UFC 126 was on Saturday, and middleweight champion Anderson Silva didn’t disappoint his fans and viewers. His opponent, Brazilian Vitor Belfort, who was thought to be the best threat to Silva’s title striking-wise, came off aggressively to begin the first round. His fighting style might have cost him the fight, as the champion delivered a front kick to the jaw of the challenger, which dropped him straight to the ground in the first round. Silva smelled blood like a shark in the water and went for the kill by delivering strikes to seal the deal. The champion has successfully defended his title 10 times, which is a record in UFC history. With this victory, I wonder who’s next in line to face the unorthodox champion.

There was a party in the cafeteria during Super Bowl XLV, and it was packed with most of the residents in Jaguar Hall. There was a different style of dinner, which was a good change that lightened up the atmosphere. I could tell the residents were happy with the change up as they sat waiting on the opening kick-off. The Packers vs. the Steelers. The two teams didn’t disappoint as they kept an aggressive mind-set with ruthless tackles, which left some key players injured early in the game. Whoever placed a bet on Green Bay was probably happy at the end as the younger team took everyone by surprise and beat the experienced Steelers. The champion stays on top and keeps defying the odds, and the youngsters grab the greatest prize in the NFL.