Blogs » My UHV Experience 1 » Faint Scent


There is a faint scent in the air
It comes in closer as time passes
But it’s disturbed by impressions of despair
It has potential to bring joy and happiness
But it can easily be derailed
By negativity and bitterness

This scent grows stronger and stronger
Bit by bit as the clock ticks
Slow and steady as the sun rises and sets
Calm and soothing as the moon glares
It gives funny warmth inside
It gets closer and closer and closer

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning
The strength of this scent intensifies rapidly
Soothing as stargaze lilies
But strong and sweet as mom’s home cooking :)
It’s almost here

This scent can bring two people together
Just as it can drift them apart
It’s kind of similar
No experience of it, but it’s familiar
It’s really close now
Really close

Ah, I knew it
It’s 12 a.m.
It’s finally here
Love is in the air
Though it might bring bitterness to some
But, joy and sweetness to others

I can fully smell it now
We have to spend this time wisely
With those who are most precious to us
Show them they are dearest to us
Especially on this day

Happy Valentine’s day