It is Day 20 in the month of February

Another week has passed and yet another Sunday

With all the hype and excitement about that special day

Valentine’s Day has passed (sorry ladies) :)

The carnival was in town this weekend

Yes, there was an actual carnival in Victoria, Texas :)

There weren’t that many breathtaking rides, but it gave us something to do this weekend

The weather was very pleasant at the time of night when we went

It was good to get out of the dorm after a long and stressful week of training

It was an exciting weekend for basketball fans, as the All-Star games took place

All the events were great, especially the celebrity basketball game and the dunk contest

First of all, “I didn’t know Justin Beiber could play ball,” just saying :)

The kid actually isn’t that bad, and I could just picture his fans …

“Go, Justin! We love you,” or “Yay, I have Beiber fever” (little girls’ voices)

It’s amazing how many fans he has at such a young age

The dunk contest was really exciting this year

Rookie Blake Griffin stole the show, as expected

He’s been having a terrific rookie season with something over 130 dunks and some jaw-dropping

He is said to be the future of the NBA

With the contests over, the East vs. West game took place

Chris Bosh, LeBron James were key players during the game,

But Los Angeles native Kobe Bryant was the best player in the game

Represented for his fans and his hometown