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It is Friday, Jan. 14, 2011, 4:26 pm. It is nice and cold out. I am at home, sitting on my bed after an early training session listening to Drake, “Come Winter”. Facing my window, with a slight shade of light from outside, the weather feels still. It's a gloomy afternoon as I reflect on the first semester of college.

Although it was a short semester due to the fact that the dorms weren't ready, it would have flown by regardless of how early we started. I remember the night before the official first day of school when everyone was worrying about what to wear to school, and seeing if they had the same classes and the times of their classes. After the first day, nerves were broken, and everyone settled down. Now students were worried about tests, quizzes, homework, and their grades.

I had a scare in a couple of my classes with some of my grades being unpredictable. Soccer made it more stressful. The season didn't go well for either the boys or girls side due to the fact that we were new teams. We had our quarrels and struggles during the season, but we all grew as a family. When soccer ended, I was able to focus more on my grades. I ended up with decent averages in my classes so things worked out for the best.

We all went on Thanksgiving break, ate everything our family and friends had to eat :), came back for finals, which was a stressful week for everyone, and went on Christmas break. I could see the joy in people's faces after finals were over − felt like a big weight had been lifted off our shoulders. Everyone was excited to go home to their families for a long time.

It is now 5:24 p.m., and that’s how long it took me to write a page :). A new semester is closing in on us, which means new classes, professors, new challenges, students and new scares. With a taste of college life the first semester, I know I’ll be ready. I hope the rest of UHV students are ready as well.