Blogs » My UHV Experience 1 » Semester starts with chilly week


It has been a cold week in Victoria. The weather warms up a bit at noon, but you can still feel the cold wind. In the evening, the wind makes the weather a lot colder than it should be, but in the morning, the wind power is reduced, and it’s just cold. It’s a beautiful, cold day.

It feels good to be away from home again. Not saying I don’t miss my family, but sometimes in life, it’s good to be away from those you love so when you do see them, you can cherish every last minute you spend with them.

It’s been a decent week back at school. The dorms do feel a bit empty because barely anyone hangs out in the lobby anymore. It feels good to be situated again, getting to know the teachers and classes and seeing what I’m going to be up against this semester. It is going to be a tough and interesting semester, but I’m ready for it. :)

I look forward to getting back into training and my games in the spring. I miss playing with my guys and watching the women’s team play. I also looking forward to going to the softball and baseball games, and hope they have a successful year. It is good to be back and to see some faces that have been missed. Cheers to an interesting and successful semester.