Just sitting here reflecting on the past

Thinking of the memories and how long they might last

Asking myself why people come and go

Is like asking why the sun shines and why the moon glows

Never thought things would turn out the way they did

Tried to disagree on what others said it would be

Always thinking and searching for an answer

But I know it’ll be hard like finding a cure for cancer

Being hopeful sometimes but don’t know if I should

Sometimes I feel like no one else thinks the way I do

Staring into the eyes of others now

And thinking if this journey is going to last

Starting to ask myself what’s the point

Should these relationships be a must

Will I find the answers to what is lost

Or should I forget about you because I know the cost

Maybe I just didn’t want to accept the fact

Of how things can happen like that

How quickly we go our separate ways

To not hearing from one another the next day

I guess all that time helped us become our own person

Lead us through struggles and thought us life lessons

We are who we are now because of our past

We should all enjoy every breath we take because it may be our last

I am still hopeful to find and answer