Blogs » My UHV Experience 1 » South Padre is place to be for Spring Break


One of the most exciting holidays of the year for high school and college kids is almost here. With Spring Break approaching, plans already are being made. Trips are being planned, and hotels, condominiums and beach houses are being booked.

The place that most college kids go to in Texas is South Padre. With a beautiful beach and artists like Slime Thug, DJ Tiesto, 3 Six Mafia, Paul Wall and many others performing, it is the place to be for the break. Some people might go on a little vacation with their parents, or just stay at home with family and enjoy being away from school for a good week.

A friend of mine is going to Florida with his parents and his girlfriend. Florida is a great place to go, as well. With clear water beaches and fluffy sand (and beautiful women for the guys reading this :) or handsome men for the ladies reading this), it is usually a good spot to spend a whole week. I saw a preview of what it is like in Florida during the break on TV once, and it looked like a great time. A really great time.

I’ll be in Corpus Christi, enjoying a quiet week before I’m back at school again. So if any of you do anything during Spring Break, have fun and be safe.