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With all the hype of Spring Break and all the talk, it’s over. I wish it really wasn’t, but unfortunately it’s time to come back to reality.

I loved going to the beach, mall, hanging out with friends and playing soccer for fun. It was a really relaxing week. Well, for me, the weekend was better than the week. A lot of my friends went to South Padre Island, and as they told me, it was amazing, and some said it was “unreal.” I heard the concerts were great with all the performers like Snoop Dogg and Paul Wall and also DJ Tiesto. We all know their performances were packed because they are well known.

Corpus also was a nice place to go and have fun at the beach. I went on a Friday to a beach in Port A, and it was packed with mostly college kids. There also were a lot of nice-looking trucks, as people were looking to show off the lifts in their trucks, and the tires and systems they have in them. The weather also was nice, so it made for a great weekend.

So with the fun of Spring Break over, it’s time to resume school. With soccer starting up again, I’m looking forward to beginning our spring season.