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Over the past three days I've dug up some old work I've written for various classes, in forum debates, for Yahoo Answers and just for my own enjoyment. I've taken a few of these works and posted them on this blog and other places on the interwebz I frequent.

And it never fails, within no time I am accused or asked why I cut and pasted the work. Not just here but nearly every place I've posted material. I suppose in this information age it's just easier to take something written by someone else and use a couple of clicks of the mouse and BAM instant internet expert. I had a debate on a forum a while back and a moderator deleted my post and gave me a warning for plagiarism! Who did he say I plagiarized? MYSELF! I had posted similar information on another forum I frequent and he automatically assumed that I stole the info from there and reposted it there. Okay, no problem, I suppose I can understand that confusion (even though my usernames were the same as was my avatar but I still see how it wouldn't necessarily show them to be the same person). So, I messaged the moderator and told him what the deal was - it was my own original work, some of which I had previously posted elsewhere. His response..."don't cut and paste and claim it's your own work". After going back and forth with the same response from the moderator, I left that forum.

Jump over to Yahoo Answers...many of my responses are labeled as cut and pastes. Sometimes I explain that it is my own original work but the usual response to that was summed up best by one response I received in a private message, "Whatever dude, yer a liar".

Some of us have more intellectual integrity than that. Some of us do read the literature and do possess an understanding of what we wrote. The only cut and pasting I usually do is from the Word document I write my posts in and then paste it in the entry editor.

I suppose I'm just a bit frustrated and miffed of constantly being accused of using work written by someone else and saying it's mine. Some of us aren't that intellectually dishonest.