Blogs » Neurognosis » Use a Love Song - Get the Digits? The French Say Yes.


In the latest edition of the journal Psychology of Music, French researchers studied the effects that music could have on female receptiveness. The researchers put female volunteers in a room with some music playing. Some females were exposed to a love ballad by the French artist Francis Cabrel and others were exposed to a more neutral song by the artist Vincent Delerm.

The volunteers were then directed to enter a room and discuss the differences of two food products with a male confederate. At a point in the discussion the male asks the female for her phone number to call her later and "get some drinks."

The researchers stated that 52% of the women who were exposed to the love ballad gave their numbers while only 28% who heard the neutral tune. The explanation from the researchers was that the love ballad provided the women with positive affect and the content of the song worked as a prime to contribute to later behaviors associated with that prime - such as agreeing to a date.

While this study is interesting, another study which could reproduce such results would lend much more validity to the study. Also, I could think of a huge laundry list of possible confounds.

Nonetheless it is still an interesting study. Maybe there really is something to using Barry White after all?