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We recently had a large chunk of space rock buzz our tower - well, on an astronomical scale it was buzzing us...from about 9 million miles out. BUT, there was some concern over future passes of the asteroid Apophis. Initially it was thought that the asteroid would attempt to perform a flyby but the pattern was full Ghostrider. Okay enough Top Gun references - there was concern that this asteroid could impact Earth in 2029. Fortunately, refined projections show it'll miss us and we don't have much to worry about from it. That's great but the only problem is that there's plenty more where Apophis came from.

As Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy mentions, there's an entire private non-profit dedicated to looking out for those hunks of space rock that may wanna crash at our place...literally.

From their site:

"The orbits of the inner solar system where Earth lies are populated with a half million asteroids larger than the one that struck Tunguska in 1908, and the vast majority are uncharted."

So we're not in any danger from Apophis (named after an Egyptian demon btw) but there's lots of other ones out there so it helps to have as many eyes on the sky that we can.