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Happy Labor Day weekend from the Victoria Police Officer's Association. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

We would also like to set the record straight on the meet and confer petition that has been in the media lately. We are a peaceful organization that does not believe in union tactics to get things accomplished. A meet and confer petition allows Officers and city officials to sit together and discuss topics that affect the Officers.

This is basically a gentleman's agreement between the two. There is nothing binding in this type of agreement, and there are no repercussions to the city or the tax payers if the two sides do not agree on a topic. The Victoria Police Officer's Association has taken the high road in getting to the point we are at now. We met with City Management ahead of time to tell them this petition was coming, and regrettably the city used that against us by going to the media with scare tactics about tax increases for the public.

The petition has been a long term goal for the VPOA. We have the utmost respect for our current City and Police administration. This petition is not a result of our dissatisfaction with City or Police administration. This petition is our way of asking the city to formally recognize us as an association so that we can work together to make the Victoria Police Department the best it can be.

Please understand that our Officers are members of this community also. We all truly want to make Victoria the best city it can possibly be for the citizens, for us and for our children. Thank you for your continued support of our local Police!

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