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I don't know if any of you have noticed yet, but this draft seems to be the first in a long time where a wing player gets drafted first overall.

The last time a wing player was taken first overall was Lebron James, but remember that he was drafted as a point guard (Check the sites draft archives, even they had him listed as a point). So to find the last player to be drafted as a wing player, you'd have to go back a long time in draft history to maybe the 1996 draft with Iverson? If you consider Iverson to have been drafted as a point, then you go back even more, all the way to 1994 when Glenn Robinson went first overall.

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Supposing you ate only the typical low calorie foods of vegetables, fruits, oats and so on - how often do you think you'd last before you died of boredom? We need variety in our diets, both for our health and well being. I'm not saying that five donuts and three cappuccinos every day is going to get the fat off, but I am saying that to include them occasionally is not going to affect your weight one iota.

Here are three of the popular fat loss diets you may want to try:

  1. The Atkins Diet. Created by American doctor Robert Atkins, this diet lets you stay away from processed food and flour-based products that have high carbohydrate content including fruits and fruit drinks. It suggests a low-carbohydrate food intake to boost the body's energy and speed up metabolism. The good thing about it is that consumption of red meat and poultry is highly encouraged -- high-protein dishes could replace low-carbohydrates food. Many think that Atkins diet increases the risk of heart attacks for its high-protein food requirements. This diet is a bit complex so make sure you consult a dietician about its proper procedures and health risks.

  2. The South Beach Diet. This diet is simply a healthy food plan that consists of fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. With cardiologist Arthur Agatston as its pioneer, this fat loss diet strictly excludes meat and poultry in every meal. It allows you to eat as much food as you want but make sure they're low-fat and all-natural. Like the Atkins diet, South Beach Diet sees carbohydrates as the perpetrator of weight gain and obesity. However, it doesn't encourage its followers to eat cheeseburgers and steaks unlike the Atkins diet. Dairy products like butter and cream are also prohibited in this diet. Like all other diets, South Beach requires different stages to undergo and may take several months to actually see its results.

  3. Morsel Diet. This diet is all about taking a small piece of your favorite guilty pleasure. If you want to loose weight but can't afford to get rid your chocolate or pizza, then this diet is good for you. Morsel diet allows the consumption of cravings like burgers and fries but only in small amounts or "morsels." However, it would reduce your appetite through controlling the amount of food you eat for every meal. This diet may seem liberating but it requires a nutritionist to plan a healthy balanced menu and a personal trainer to arrange a workout routine. In case you're thinking of doing it, you might want to prepare a big budget for the high cost of hiring different health personnel and a gym membership.

That's 20 years since the last time a wing player was taken! Even if you count Lebron, that's 11 years! Even if you counted Iverson, that's still 18! Now this year, two of the top candidates for the number one pick happen to be small forwards, and one almost seems like a lock to go first without even playing a single college game. What do you guys think explains the trend of wing players not going first overall? Is it because teams have more needs elsewhere, or do you think it's just a coincidence that no wing player showed enough to warrant a first overall pick for so long?