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Zao Shang Hao - Good Morning

It's a cloudy and cool (4°C/39°F) morning here in Linyi, China and I thought I might spend a little time perusing the newly redesigned Advocate website. I visit many blogs and websites throughout my day, and I have to say that the new site is really quite attractive. It will take time for everyone to come around to the new design and layout, but that's how it is with something new. It's great that the new platform allows for enhancements and I look forward to seeing how the layout evolves in response to user needs. Technology is exciting stuff, at least to this amateur web designer!

Living in a somewhat remote and rural area of China means that the Internet is my best friend. I would like to thank the readers that left comments on my last post. I appreciate the welcome! I am still working out the details of my posting schedule. Originally, I thought I would write a weekly dispatch, but I might be able to post more often. Two or three posts per week would be my ideal. Look for an additional post later today. Err... that would be my today and most likely your night!

Several comments on my first post included questions that I would like to address in the future, for example, how much do things cost, are there Wal-Marts and Fords and what is the food like? I would love to hear more questions and post suggestions. Got a question about life in China? Something in particular you would like to know? Leave a comment and I will be sure to address it!