Blogs » Notes from a Crunchy Grassroots Mama » Homeless + Freezing = a Big Problem


As the President of the Victoria Area Homeless Coalition, I am asked a lot of questions about homelessness. Some things are easy answers and some are more difficult.

With the onset of this freezing weather, I am being asked about additional emergency shelters and my response is...we have none at the moment. Victoria is in serious need of additional places for those men, women and families who are homeless.

I would like to ask area churches with gyms/multipurpose rooms, businesses with closed in warehouse space to contact VAHC to put together an emergency action plan for times like these. The most logical plan I have seen is the program that Austin advocates have put together and I would love for folks to look it over and provide some feedback. Find the information at

If you have additional blankets, socks, jackets, sleeping bags that you would like to donate, you should take them to the Salvation Army where they will have a warming center open from 11am-4pm and they will open their shelter overflow room.

All help is appreciated as are positive ideas!

Peace, Blessings and Warmth.