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Image Day One of this week began yesterday at Crossroads Apartments. Trinity Episcopal Church has a Sandwich ministry and they feed those that are hungry each Sunday evening. It seemed like a great opportunity for folks in Victoria to meet people who are entrenched in the struggle of living in poverty. Those that came and volunteered their time found friendly families with beautiful children who look like everyone else, except they are hungry.

The children who participated in the community quilt project were very honest with comments about how hunger makes them feel. The beauty of children is that they refuse to allow us as adults to kid ourselves and we need more of that honesty in this world. I will post some photos of the quilt beginnings for you to see and the quilt will travel throughout the week's events so everyone has a chance to participate.

Day 2 begins the Food Stamp Challenge that we as members of the Victoria Area Homeless Coalition challenged ourselves to do and asked the community to participate as well. What the criteria are is that you eat/drink using only $5 per day for this week. Choose only one day or the entire week. We ask that you post, tweet or blog your experiences and hashtag #hhaw2013 so we can see what everyone is doing.

Because I know my caffeine priority, I stopped at Speedy Stop for a 20oz cup of coffee for sixty-four cents. I can either choose to drink that all today or save half for tomorrow. We'll see how the day is Monday after all. To keep myself from eating fast food, I chose to stop at the grocery store and pick up a banana. (Bananas are a wonderful super food.) That has brought my total so far today to eighty-two cents (if I drink the entire 20 oz coffee). Bonus find - packages of fresh mandarins reduced for quick sale at ninety-nine cents!!!! I bought 2 of them and since there are about 30 in each package that divides my portion into 8 mandarins at a cost of twenty-six cents! ImageImage

I am feeling a bit torn regarding lunch time. This week falls right before Thanksgiving for a reason, to raise awareness at a time when food seems plentiful. It also means that the employee luncheon is today. Since I work at the University, I RSVP'd without thinking things through. Someone mentioned to me this morning that I should be happy that it's a free lunch that doesn't count against my daily total. My conscience is telling me that someone living on $5 doesn't get free lunch very often and I am feeling a bit guilty.

So to resolve this situation, I will eat like I made this food and brought leftovers to work. That means one regular portioned plate of food, period. I will take a photo to keep myself on the level.

If you are doing the challenge, try to continue to eat healthy foods. Just know it won't be easy.