Blogs » Notes from a Crunchy Grassroots Mama » Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2013 - Day 3


So yesterday at the holiday employee lunch, I ate one plate of food as if I brought it from home.


Dinner last night was homemade ramen noodle soup (vegetables, chicken bouillon cube broth, vermicelli) and baked potatoes. My share = $1.20 which brought my total yesterday to $2.10.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ This morning, I did stop for my 20 oz coffee (sixty-four cents) and had a banana (eighteen cents) and I feel pretty okay. I have fought the urge to buy greasy fast food items that I wouldn't normally eat anyway. I do miss eggs and maybe that will be my dinner?

I am excited that people are becoming more aware of the invisible people around them and are wanting to help. Yesterday, a group of more than 40 people were already gathered to have lunch at Christ's Kitchen. This means our homeless population may be bigger than last year at this time. It certainly lets me know that people are HUNGRY whether they have a roof or not.

For folks that are interested in volunteering, they can come out today to UHV's Alcorn Auditorium from 1-3pm and get signed up, hear about homelessness in our community and watch some short videos about people trying to live.

We will be feeding people tomorrow at Christ's Kitchen for dinner from 5-7pm and will need volunteers to meet us at 3:30pm. Spaghetti is on the menu and we appreciate the wonderful people at Christ's Kitchen for letting the Victoria Area Homeless Coalition serve the community for one night.

Okay, so I'm thinking fruit for lunch...what will you have?