Blogs » Notes from a Crunchy Grassroots Mama » Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2013 - Day 5


I cratered yesterday under the pressure of eating mostly fruit for the past several days in order to not eat junk food and stay within the $5 daily limit.

My weakness for taqueria cuisine was too much and I spent my $5 yesterday on a 1/4 chicken plate with rice, beans and a tortilla. I felt guilty, but it was so nice to take in that bite of hot charro beans and rice with a second bite of chicken. It was like everything was okay for a little while. I could work with a clear mind, not worry about my stomach growling and my head hurting.

Today at our Victoria Area Homeless Coalition meeting, everyone taking the challenge has agreed it has changed the way we look at food and at the people we help. It is IMPOSSIBLE to eat enough food, much less HEALTHY food on $5 per day.

NO one should be truly hungry in our world.


On another note, the food share at Christ's Kitchen last night was an amazing experience! Around 30 volunteers served 200 hungry families with a spaghetti dinner that included hot vegetables, a salad and fruit. It shows that there is a need to get food to more people on a regular basis. The partnership with Christ's Kitchen will be a fruitful one for sure.


The next two events have a youthful focus and we will wrap up the week on Saturday with the cancellation of the community choir event and the addition of a memorial for the homeless man found dead earlier this week, Donald Greeley. We will meet at 6pm at the bench he was found on and offer our respects to a member of our community who passed away alone. Please bring flowers and a candle to light.

So much good in this Crossroads community and more work to do!