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A lot has been going on in 2012 as it relates to health.

There was the Supreme Court decision about the Affordable Care Act and the fallout afterward. If you don't remember what was said and want to read the decision in its entirety, it's on the Supreme Court site.

If you really want to hear the oral arguments that were made before the June 28 decision, WNYC has posted all the three days worth of hearings. (Day 1, 2, 3) (Full disclosure, I had to listen to it for a class discussion.)

Lots of decisions have been made as a result to Affordable Care Act, much of which will not take effect until 2014. The big one being requires people to get health insurance. There have been some as it relates to Texas. One was about Planned Parenthood. Another, which is considered the biggest talk of conversation, is Gov. Rick Perry's decision to not go with the decisions of the Affordable Care Act.

There have been other health topics in 2012 that were discussed, so please, if you have one share it.