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Lance Armstrong's interview will be an interesting one in the sports and health world.

In that interview, taped on Monday, it has been reported that Armstrong, a former cyclist who was charged with using performance drugs last June and has repeatedly denied using it, will admit to using drugs. Armstrong, 41, who has cancer, will be ridiculed by many in the public and in the media when the interview is televised. Some will ask: Why now? Why not earlier? Some people may not even forgive him. But one group that may stand proud for his decision to admit his wrong doings will the Livestrong Foundation.

For those who don't know, Livestrong was founded by Armstrong to help those who battle cancer. Since the program's inception in 1997, the organization has raised $470 million to help those with cancer. Livestrong is a non-profit organization, which receives money through donations.

Since that faithful day in June, Armstrong has been dropped from sponsors including Nike, a supporter of sports and health. Armstrong dropped his role as chairman of his organization in an attempt to save his damaged reputation from bleeding to Livestrong. Livestrong is linked to Armstrong forever, and he may realize that. Livestrong was created for a reason, and surely he wants to make sure the organization is not taken through the mud like he surely will be if he does admit to doping. He may also hope, through his possible admittance, to change the mind of donors like Steve Schooner, who is on the fence about donating to Livestrong. Livestrong's goal has been to help people who do not necessarily have funds to get cancer treatments. Treatments are not cheap, and Livestrong's contribution has helped those living with cancer continue on living.

So when the interview is televised, people will look on, some in shame by what he may say. The sports world will face yet another black eye, while the health world should expect brighter days from Livestrong.