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Drive around in the Crossroads and people will notice that there are not any Planned Parenthood clinics in the area. In fact, the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic is over 90 miles away.

This post is not meant to advocate for or against abortion. It is, however, important to highlight that Planned Parenthood does not exist in the area, and that Gov. Rick Perry's speech this weekend at the Texas Rally for Life event to end abortion is already happening. At least in the Crossroads.

Support for pro-life was the topic of conversation this weekend in Austin at the Texas Rally for Life event. Among the speakers was Perry, who spoke to a massive crowd of over 2,000 people.

It should be no surprise that the state of Texas is notorious when it comes the topic of abortion. This was the case a few weeks ago when the state was not going to provide money to Planned Parenthood, which gives options for abortion among other services. Instead, Texas created the Texas Women's Health Program as an alternative. Both centers provide similar services except Texas Women's Health does not provide emergency birth control.

Perry has been an advocate for pro-life. But at the same time, his choice may not be the choice for all women. But then again, he is the governor. So it's not surprising that at the event, Perry explained that "there is any issue that better fits the definition of compelling state interest than preventing the suffering of our state's unborn."