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I just realized something… I sleep in on Saturdays. I mean, so what right? I’m 29, and I don’t work on Saturday, so I should be sleeping in. But I used to have a reason to wake up so very early.

It was Saturday morning cartoons. In the eighties, when I was a much smaller version of the Smart Alec I am now, my brother and I would wake up just before 7AM and watch anything animated until 10 in the morning with our bowls of sugary cereals. At first I thought I stopped watching cartoons in the morning because I was “grown up”, but then I realized that I never actually did (grow up). It was the TV’s fault.

I looked up TV listings for Victoria cable users online. There are almost no Saturday morning cartoons left. They have mostly been replaced with “Good Morning Americas” and news shows, a few “Saved By The Bell” rip-off shows, and infomercials leaving very few cartoons. It is hard to believe that a pastime for so many of people my age is just about non-existant for kids today.

There are a few cartoons left, some decent sci-fi ones like Teen Titans and Batman (actually The Batman one is pretty cool) too, but for the big picture, they just don’t compare to what we had as kids. I mean we had “Transformers”, “Thundercats”, “The Snorks”, “GI Joe”, “The Real Ghostbusters”, and “Dangermouse” just to name a few. The formula must work, because they have been trying to resurrect the magic of “Transformers” for years, and they’re have been many cartoon overhauls to update them for today’s generation like “Strawberry Shortcake”, “He-Man”, and the upcoming “Thundercats”

I have a love/hate relationship with TV nowadays. It is very hard for me to say it is a good thing. It takes away from my reading for one, and the prices for cable or other services to get anything other than 3 channels are ridiculous. I do like watching certain shows (“Lost” is absolutely fabulous, I’ll even watch the reruns). A brain like mine has to be constantly stimulated with stories and information. If you ask me I blame those disappearing cartoons.