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It seems that 76 percent of Cuero students grades 6 to 12 admit to drinking alcohol in the past year.(According to a news story that ran last night on your local news) Cuero has a drinking problem. Who knew?

I wonder how shocked they would be if they realized that it's not just Cuero that has the problem. Although I'm sure it is confusing to so many people. We have, after all, as a community gotten rid of those pesky physically demanding sports like skateboarding and rollerblading in public areas forcing them to pay to skate in parks. We have also as a community given them many artistic venues to visit (you mean macaroni art exhibits and "Victoria Idol" karoke competitions don't count???) There is also the booming job markets in small towns, they can practically pick which fast food they want to serve to us.

Basically I guess many adults forgot what it was like as a teenager with nothing to do in a small town. If these administrators stopped to think about all the stupid things they got away with as teens, they shouldn't be so suprised that kids are doing the exact same thing. It's not that the problem is getting worse, it's just that these kids are answering surveys a little more honestly.

Hey I know a solution!!! Let's all force them to dress alike with a uniform dress code and kill individuality...

If someone made me wear a uniform during the years I was forming my own philosophies... I'd drink more too.