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There’s an urban artist I really don’t care for. His name is Nick Cannon. He
has songs with titles like “Feelin Freaky”, “Gigilo” and “Your Pops Don’t
Like Me”. I mean if you look up the lyrics for these songs, you won’t exactly find the most thought provoking subject matter, and as a music listener, I don’t identify much with it either.

This morning however, I saw a video for his current single called “Can I Live”. It’s a song about his mother deciding on whether or not to have an abortion. Told from the child’s point of view. It is very interesting to watch at least once. (I say watch the video, because it has more of an effect than just hearing the song).

I’m not going to preach about what I think about the subject of abortion, because that’s not what this post is about. (However if you are to ask me, I am alive, and so far I remain a big fan of being alive... life issue this post officially dropped thank you)

The interesting thing is that Nick Cannon, poster boy of what they call “wordly” music, has achieved something many Christian musicians do not do these days... make the public listen to a topic that is a hot plate of discussion in most religious and political debates.

So the questions artists have to ask themselves is…. Do I want to stay with my niche market and “preach to the choir”? Or do I want to spread my music
to as many people who will listen to it? If so does it take a hip dude like
old Nick here to do it? (We are talking about Modern American tastes here after all)