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I heard a commercial for the new HP Laptop computer this morning. The commercial shows the generation gap between a mother and a teenage daughter. The mom talks about “writing poetry in the quad” while the daughter responds “try publishing the school’s poetry blog” as if that was a hard feat. (I mean c’mon… Even I conned the Advocate into letting me have a soapbox, it really isn’t that hard).

The commercial goes on to talk about how the new computer can play movies. (The mom replies, “In my day we had to hitchhike to the movies!”) and also how it can store your music files. (In which the mom replies, “We stored our records in milk crates.”)

Is it just me, or does the mother’s college experience sound so much more fun than the daughter’s? I may be showing my age, but I love vinyl records, the packaging of a gatefold album is so much more fun to look at while the music is playing than a music file on my computer (although I do have my share of downloads). While I am certainly not recommending hitchhiking in these days of abductions and sensational news, I must admit I would rather sit down and swap stories with the mother rather than a kid who spends life at a laptop.

Yes, I say that with all seriousness knowing that I am typing this at a computer and this will first be read by the public through a website. But honestly, it does seem a bit sad that we all have to be so much more plugged in these days instead of going out to live life. I think that by reading the accomplishments of my fellow bloggers online, I can tell that I believe what they say by their experiences in the real world. It gives them the wisdom to write about what they think in this cyberspace existence we have created. In the music world, they would call this “street cred”.

Point is, I take a lot of time away from the plug ins and technology of everyday life, for every hour of free time I spend staring at this monitor, I try to spend at least double that amount of free time away from it, and if I can have an adventure or two along the way, all the better. Although I love the internet in all it’s ugly, crowded, informative, and exciting glory, I think that’s been my secret to happiness this whole time. Hopefully the student’s of the world will learn the same thing.