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When I first came to Victoria as a youth, I spent 30 minutes in the mall looking for the escalator to get to the second floor. No joke. That pretty much set the standard for my future encounters with the features of this town. Everything just seemed a bit smaller and outdated here. I remember when I found out Victoria had a zoo. I had already been living here about two years. When I asked a friend about it, he told me "We have a bear I think, It's pretty old, I think it's going to die soon." So we went, saw the bear, a couple of neat eagles, and sort of forgot about it until a few years ago.

This is in no way a rip on Victoria, it's inhabitants, or it's zoo. I just happen to read an article online about the zoo. you can find it here: Zoo Asks For Money

I like zoos. Can't get enough of them. Love to watch animals do things. My step daughter loves them too, and thanks to the fact there is one here, we can visit the zoo a few times a year at not too much expense.

The zoo has undergone a lot of changes for the better the past few years since that terrible cynical encounter I had with my terrible cynical friends at the time. I am impressed at the way they have handled things to do so. You can see it in the eyes of the employees and the zoo representitives when they make apperances on the news or in public. They take a lot of pride in what they are doing. Maybe we should too.

I'm no politician, Sure I hate to see personal liberties taken away, and I find some things laughable that are done by the "powers that be". Mostly I'm just a guy who likes to call them like I see them.

So here's how I see them. A town our size is lucky to have a zoo like the one we have. I don't know much about zoos, but I'm pretty sure that they are not privately owned. So why are we suprised when a zoo which relies largely on the public needs more money? Wouldn't we as owners of a classic car put money into it to make sure it stayed classic, didn't we push to rebuild a gazebo that for 90 percent of the time I drive by it is usually empty and sad as an abandoned house?

Hey it's our fault too Victoria.. WE as parents, should take our kids every once and a while, spend some time watching an animal you won't see everyday like a tapir, or their new jaguar (who is absolutely beautiful). Maybe we should see if they need some volunteers every once in a while, or take part in a fund raiser.

Hey, I'm just a guy who strums a guitar, pecks a piano and works at a desk during the day. I don't know much about city budget packages. the bickering of wanna be polticians, and fancy newspaper qoutes. I just know that if we want something, it doesn't come free. Agree with me or not, don't really care, but it's your zoo too.