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September 25th is bringing a pretty big show to Corpus Christi. They are calling it the 3rd annual “Blues On The Bay” Festival. The only problem is that it’s not really a blues festival, they have a couple of artists that come close, but shy away. I’ll never consider the headlining band “Black Crowes” to be The Blues… ever.

I’m pretty picky about The Blues, got turned onto the genre by a friend who is no longer with us. So every time I hear it, I think about him. Happy, sad, whatever, When I put on one of his favorite artists, Buddy Guy, I am washed away with memories. So while I like many genre bending bands and think it is important for the evolution of music, I don’t stray too much when it comes to The Blues. (And I’m so picky that I often refer to it as “THE BLUES” not just blues…)

With that said, the festival mentioned still looks pretty good. It’s got some great acts that are varied in nature… Lucinda Williams is a great songwriter, Del Castillo plays a neat brand of Spanish style music, and Toni Price is about the closest you’ll get to The Blues all night, and most definitely worth catching.

I just think they should have named it “Really Big Concert On The Bay”. But then again, probably wouldn’t have the same effect on a t-shirt sold by a vendor.