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I was born and raised Catholic. Despite what you might think from my ramblings about questioning authority, I find the Catholic religion to be the best thing suited for me since birth. (It's not for lack of looking around either)

What puzzles me is why Christians feel the need to argue with each other so much as to which is the "correct" Christian religion. To make matters worse, it's usually among laymen and people who rarely know what they are talking about. I always seem to listen to the cafeteria Catholic debate with the protestant who rarely goes to service over who is right. If church leaders debate over this topic for years, how can these two possibly expect to get it right over a 30 minute lunch break? Whose mind are they trying to change?

When I stop to think about it, once someone finds out I am a Catholic, I find myself constanly riddled with snide comments... No I don't practice Idolatry as a Catholic, Yes I do believe Mary should be adored, Yes I eat the little wafer on Sundays because the Eucharist is oh so important to my beliefs,and yes the Catholic version of The Bible has a few more books... but there really isn't so much difference to the rest of you guys.

The great Reformation? Yeah we needed it, but it was more the people in charge at the time that needed reforming, not the rules and practices of the religion. Anyway that's the way I see it.

I was reminded of this from an episode of "The Simpsons" (of all things) I happen to catch on Sunday. Bart went to Catholic School and started to like the church and Marge and Reverend Lovejoy had to save him from the Bingo hungry Catholics... it was funny but the ending taught a lesson...

It's all Christianity folks... It all falls on the side of the angels, we all worship the same God and keep the same commandments. If we feel the need to attack another denomination... how can we possibly expect to get along with other religions especially when most religions all preach the basic same principles of love, peace, and understanding?

It's something to think about I suppose. You won't find me taking judgement on anyone for their beliefs. My dad told me that his parents and his grandparents were not as lucky as the modern age to have access to so many books and educated people in religion, all they had was blind faith that carried from generation to generation. Maybe it's a lesson that can be learned today.