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I have this friend named Juan, everyone calls him “Buddy”. We met while working and were assigned to work together from our employer at the time, we became great buddies ever since.

One of the great things about Buddy is his art of conversation. Within the first few hours of working with him, we knew each other’s life stories, pet peeves, and quirks…

It’s one of my quirks that sparked what Buddy calls “The Great Candle Debate of 2003”.

You see, I once received a decorative candle as a gift. I am a Guinness fan, and someone was thoughtful enough to give me a really neat candle that looks like a pint of Guinness… it was in a glass pint and looked like a real beer. It also had a price tag accidentally left on the bottom of the glass… twenty bucks.

I hated to destroy such a fine replica, especially one so expensive… Buddy suggested to just burn it, saying that is what candles are made for. I countered his opinion with the fact that I have never seen a casual candle worth 20 bucks much less one that looked exactly like a pint of stout.

The debate went on for about 2 years. It was carried on at work, in car trips, at the bar… (which we usually got a significant number of people joining in). The passion that guy took to want to burn my candle knew no limits. Finally one day, severely wanting to change the subject, I let him win.

Did we burn the candle? No, I was living in a house with a few people in rock and roll bands, and someone forgot to pay the electric bill in the dead heat of summer… the poor thing melted when I came home from work.

To this day… I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t given up that debate. Some of those bar debates with eight or nine people joining in sure were entertaining