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I love Christmas. I think I get it from my mom. This time of year, she’s the happiest she will be all year. (Of course her birthday was yesterday, so that might have something to do with it.) At this moment, I can imagine her creating some sort of ornament or knick knack for her house, The drummer boys and nativity scene will be set up, as well as various Santas, snowmen, wreaths, garland, and photos of Christmas pasts. “Dickens on The Strand” was done this weekend, and a Christmas play by the Alley Theater in Houston rounded out her holiday mood.
Growing up with this sort of jolly spirit in the house always made sure that us 3 kids had a great Christmas. As a kid, you never think about your family’s struggles. You never wonder how much burden your expensive wishes of science fiction toys and Star Wars vehicles will hurt the family fortune that year. But my parents were not the type to discourage a wish, you should have seen the lists to Santa in those days. I’ll never know how they did it some years, but the tree was always packed with things on Christmas morning.

I know I was more fortunate than others during the holidays. I realize that there are families that must go without, and that for some, even a Christmas Tree is a luxury, I am reminded of this by looking around our community and seeing various ads for charities and even by stories from my co workers. The stories of people in our city are sometimes heartbreaking.
I think the worst part of the whole thing is the kids who will go without this holiday season. Kids don’t understand the complexities of rent, utilities, taxes, and other parts of everyday life. I can see the eyes of my stepdaughter as she helps decorate the tree and know that she feels nothing but complete magic of the season.

A coworker and I got permission from my work to start a Toy drive. Bringing in a new toy or donating money to purchase toys for kids, after they are collected, we’ll be giving them to a bigger cause like Toys For Tots, or a church toy drive or something like that. It’s not much, but by getting a few people involved at work, maybe I can help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter, and put some magic back in someone’s life.