I'm about 6 days late with this... or 1 day early.
10 more things about me.

10. I like to eat Wheat Thins after they have been chilled in the fridge

9.I have no middle name, so I often say it's "Danger"

8.I told my stepdaughter I went to high school with Santa Claus

7.One day I want to own a french fry restaraunt

6.I often tell my friends I invented donut holes

5.I took band in high school because I didn't want to take PE and shower with dudes

4.When someone asks what my occupation is, I usually say "adventurer" or "creative problem solver"

3.I have never seen the Godfather movies, or the Color Purple

2.I have 14 tattoos, I am neither bragging or ashamed of this, it simply just is.

1.I'm getting pretty serious about running for public office.