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The first installment of “Chronicles Of Narnia” opens today. It’s got a look reminiscent of the Tolkien trilogy, and that should bring a lot of people to the theater. Not to mention, that the Chronicles Of Narnia has been loved by readers of all ages for years.

Of course, now there is much praise and buzz by the Religious Right over C.S Lewis, who is categorized as a Christian author. Critics claim that the story is full of allegories and Christian metaphors. They see the lion (Aslan) to be a symbol of Christ, and the white witch as a symbol of Satan. The movie centers around 4 siblings as they travel through a world full of magical creatures like centaurs and unicorns, and more creatures and talking animals.

Sounds a lot like the world of Harry Potter.

Ironically enough….many U.S evangelists are still crying over the recent gigantic success over the latest Harry Potter movie which features things like magical creatures, heroes who defy incredible odds, a young boy who comes from nothing, and tries as best he can to do the right thing. I’ve written about Harry Potter before, about how you can certainly identify a clear cut sense of good and evil. All in all, sounds like some good life lessons.

I’m not sure the point I’m trying to make here. I guess I just notice things as a person. I’m a Christian. A Catholic. If my parents listened to the malarkey that wackos like the 700 club said, I probably wouldn’t have been able to watch things like Star Wars or Horror movies. I watch movies for entertainment. If it has a lesson or metaphor in it, well that’s great, if it doesn’t, well I won’t be too disappointed either. I’m not going to waste my time looking for the symbolism of the shark eating Sam Jackson in “Deep Blue Sea”, I’m just going to revel in the fact that it happened.

I plan on seeing The Narnia movie, if my Stepdaughter wants to go I’ll happily take her.(so far she doesn’t, ironically enough she seems to have a phobia of that particular lion in the previews) I happen to think however, that in today’s moral war, Christians are still losing the battle. I think this is because Christians like to segregate themselves. They like to develop this “Holier than thou” (Pun intended) attitude. They tell us to see their way all the time, they like to close their minds once they decide something is evil or not good. They actually see this movie as an answer to Rowling’s series. They look for clues and try to find hidden messages in things that don’t exist.
So far the Religious Right doesn’t put out many things that mainstream America can get into. They put out the low budget “Left Behind” series, and things like “Bibleman”. The Passion Of The Christ movie was great, but saw a lot of controversy for it’s realism. So far, The Narnia movie may the best thing it has had to offer.
If Jesus came back today, I’m not so sure he would be reaching out to the converted. I like to think he would spend time among the general population. Lots of things have changed in the last two thousand years. No book has been more misused than the good book, and I think it’s modern leaders with the big cars, plastic hair, pointing fingers, and expensive suits on TV are some of the biggest problems.