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It's been a surreal couple of days.

For some strange reason, I keep running into people I have not seen in about 11 to 12 years. They are all from my youthful past.

Some are from previous bands, my first guitar player now works in a department store, and an old bass player drifts into a local show looking very "Austinian 6th street" to replace his former "the closet attacked me" look he wore so well. It is strange to see them, we have everything and nothing to talk about.

Others like old high school chums, a former guitar teacher, and even a few partners in a few capers have made appearances. I'm not sure what it's all supposed to mean, normally I would attribute it to small town living, but most live far away.

Yeah, I see it as a sign. Try not to though. I'm not one of those who live in the past, I just have a lot of stories to tell, I end up retelling it anyway. I don't really miss it much, there was a lot of struggle then too...

If you were to ask me what the best day of my life was... I would tell you I haven't lived it yet. (But my wedding would be the first so far)