Blogs » On Another Note » You Can't Compete With Lindsey Lohan


Recently, I bought my 5 year old stepdaughter the latest Herbie movie “Herbie: Fully Loaded”. It features the iconic little Volkswagon Beetle, and it also stars the bubbly, cute, teen queen actress of the moment, Lindsey Lohan, who my stepdaughter absolutely thinks is ultra cool .The conversation in the car went something like this:

Her: Thank you for my Herbie movie
Me: Your welcome.
Her: It’s got Lindsey Lohan.
Me: You like her?
Her: Yes…. I love Lindsey Lohan
Me: (in a mockingly dreamy tone) meee too.
Her: You better not marry her!!!
Me: Oh really? (laugh) Would you be mad if I did?
Her: Yes…
But not at Lindsey Lohan.

Go figure.