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Since almost everyone in the advocate blogs seems to be doing this… I guess I will too. 10 random things about me.

10. I want “What Do I care?”- by Johnny Cash played at my funeral

9. My dad is my hero.

8. I don’t consider cover bands to be “real” bands

7. I hate the songs “Margaritaville” and “Hotel California”… I blame all the time spent playing in bars for this.

6. The album “So Much For The Afterglow” by Everclear helped me through a rough part of my life

5. I had a star named after my wife.

4. I have psoriasis. I think it was given to me to teach humility. I’m not so sure it worked
3. I have been through 2 riots, everything moved in slow motion, I think I am most at peace when I am in the middle of chaos.

2. I write all my love songs for piano in the key of A minor. Every other genre and instrument is open to other keys.

1. After I met my wife, I lost a hundred pounds before I attempted to date her.

There you go.