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This is the first Thanksgiving that my wife and I are celebrating together as a married couple. Up until about a week or two ago, I was sort of wondering how we were going to be handling the Thanksgiving holiday this year (My mom, her mom, or our house) I quickly found out that our stepdaughter would be deciding for the two of us.

My stepdaughter is a picky eater. She's five and doesn't eat beef or anything new or unusual looking. She thinks she's some sort of vegetarian. (At 5 she doesn't think chicken is a meat, but please don't let her know)
Imagine our suprise last year when this picky eater tried some turkey and dressing at my mother's Thanksgiving table and actually LIKED it.

We sort of forgot it the past year, she obviuously didn't. A week or two ago, she started talking about my mom's dressing. It's all she's been talking about since...
So tommorow morning, we are taking the 2 hour drive to see my parents.

It's kind of funny, how we are not thinking too much about the historical signifigance of the holiday at all. Just some good ol' cookin.